Monday, October 11, 2010

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Glass of Water

Tall Glass of Water

1. I think that my size-view-placement was fairly interesting, and I definitely tried to make my picture dramatic using the view and the placement of everything.  The glass was certainly the focal point of everything!
2. As for looking at the water as shapes of light and dark colors, I did not blend or make many murky shades.  There are many small shapes in the water where the light reflects or breaks. 
3. I think that my transparency was also good overall.  It was hard to do, but it mostly worked out.  The light is a key part. 
4. Most of my viewpoints are accurate, but I wish I could have done a slightly better job on the clear placement of the stem. 
5. My paint colors are all very clear and colorful.  That is my favorite part of the painting. 
6.  I finished my painting on time. 
7. I chose to put leaves in my glass because I love the color green and I love nature. 
8. In my personal choice of object, I was basically saying, "I like vines and flowers and green things."
9. I did a good job of focusing on my work.  I worked in Mr. Barron's room. 
10.  I think I mostly had a good illusion of transparency.  It was really hard, though, especially showing the difference in transparency between glass and water through glass.